Helping international companies establish, execute & improve business operations in Japan


Hire efficiently and effectively!! Use our global network to hire ideal talent to drive your business forward

Recruitment License: 13-ユ-315161 valid until March 31 2026

Use our global network to find contract staff with the required skills & experience for your short term requirements

Dispatch License: 派 13 - 316594 valid until March 31 2026

Quickly & painlessly set up the right kind of subsidiary with the right structure and the right licenses

Retain focus on growth of your business while we expertly manage all aspects of your Japan subsidiary’s back-office

Understand statutory, procedural and logistical requirements to make informed decisions

Reduce risk of IT project implementations with the support of our experienced project managers


One-stop solutions provider

We have in-house expertise covering all statutory & operational aspects of Japanese back-office

Entire team is bilingual

There is no information loss between directions we receive from you and corresponding actions we take on your behalf

Holistic perspective across business functions & regulatory requirements

We are able to identify risks which are apparent only from a cross-functional point of view

Consulting experience & mindset

We can identify and address issues proactively so issues do not escalate to problems

Small by choice

Our flexibility is high and our overheads are low

Our biggest pride is 100% satisfied clientele from all over the world. The diversity of industries and the variety of requirements we have served gives us the confidence to ably manage our clients’ needs